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   How to set up two step verification hotmail in uniform manner? [11/09/17 08:32AM]   
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Two step verification let user to protect account in swift manner.inn case if any hacker has found certain information to get access hotmail account , they will denied to do so due to two step verification process. For two step verification approach user can make use of alternate email address, recovery phone number or can even configure authentic application in effective way.

         First of all, user is required to sign in with hotmail account

         Moving to next step, user is required to enter email address along with password

         Moreover, user is required to choose more security setting option

         Moving to next step, user is required to choose method from drop down menu to get recovery of account through email, phone or verification code that need to received in hassle free manner

         User will be redirected to protect account web page

         Now user is required to set authenticator application for Smartphone

         Proceeding to next page, just enter setup two step verification

         User is required to hit click on next option

         Once the authenticator application has been setup, user is required to select the device as per choice and hit click on next option

         O9nce done, user is required to proceed further by confirming to verify identity in error free manner

         Once done, hit click on next option

         Once the procedure has been done, user will receive an email along with verification code in inbox

         Enter recovery code and hit click on next option

To seek flawless assistance for perplexing error, get in touch with hotmail technical support .Customer can trigger on toll free number to get delivered with splendid solution 24/7 round the corner of globe.




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