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   How To Change my information on Google Maps [06/10/17 01:00PM]   
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Some annoying thing has happened with me. Is this only me or it has happened with others. If so, then letís see what best should be done to get rid of the problem. There are so many people all over the world who are strictly follow the Google maps, and logically it is right because Google maps is the best application made by Google which is an advantage as they can blindly follow the path provided. However, it is very much proved that the Google maps are technically correct. For businessmen, especially they follow these maps because due to many reasons they may need to shift the location and here comes the role of the maps. So as this application is widely used then this needs to be accurate and exact.

Now, if this is not right then we need to change this because they do not want any incorrect information on the application which is a trouble for them too:

  •          Start with opening the Google page.
  •          Now in the address bar, write www. maps and Enter.
  •        By doing this, Google Maps page will appear.
  •          Next the window will open, tap the Report a problem bottom right.
  •          When this option opens appearing at the top right.
  •          Choose the location on the Map.
  •          Now make all the changes or corrections.
  •          Select Save Changes.

Although, the above are simple and easy to get through the changes required but still there are times when the things donít happen as we want or they face issues while doing the above steps and then they can easily get connected to the Google map customer service number which is provided to them and they can call and get directly in touch with the executives as they are the best people to sort the issues as they are well- trained and experienced to get instant and best solutions for them.





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